What makes Magnolia Dance academy different from other studios?

We train our dancers technically. We also train them to enter the world of dance outside of the studio.  Whether they are choosing to dance  professionally, manage the business side of a studio,  or work as a choreographer, Magnolia Dance Academy gives every facet of dance education to our students.

We run the studio and our classes year-round.  Our recital is in December, allowing the children  and their families the opportunity to participate in end of the school year activities without conflicts. 

We have a winning,  competitive dance team that focuses on strengthening  performing talent. Our dance team gives the students of Magnolia the chance to take regular dance classes in addtion to dancing competitively. The opportunities Magnolia Dance Academy provides will develop each dancer's professional edge in the competetive  dance world while enhancing life lessons of discipline; instilling the value of reward for true grit and dedication.