The Magnolia Dance Company

                        MDA  PERFORMANCE COMPANY 

 The Performance Company consists of a group of  boys and girls that would like the exposure of dancing in front of live audiences around the Charleston and greater Charleston area.   Being a part of the Magnolia Performance Company is not required but is encouraged to join because it offers a more flexible schedule than our competetive team while still giving our dancers the chance to dance throughout the Charleston area at the Charleston County Fair,  various parades and festivals, charity events, and at local conventions and competitions.  


Magnolia's competitve dance team is organized through audition only and and is comprised of young girls and boys that compete four to five times a year. These young adults balance the demands of regular technique classes with extra hours of rehearsals and weekends travelling. Magnolia's competition dance team instills responsibilty, a strong work ethic, and exposes the children to a pre-professional enivronment of training and performing.